Click on the play button to hear the truth about who killed JFK, how they did it, and how the coverup has been able to continue for 40+ years... That is until now. This is the man that fired the final shot that killed JFK.

So the last question still unanswered is "Why?" The answer to that question is touched on in the video. John Hughes says Joe Kennedy taught his kids that they could do anything. In fact, they could "get away with anything." Joe Kennedy may have been able to "get away with anything" but his kids were not so lucky. In fact, if there is a Kennedy Curse, it's that Joe Kennedy betrayed his children by passing on his arrogance to them. JFK was loved by the people, to be sure, but that arrogance made him a lot enemies. These enemies felt no love lost when JFK was killed. I think the reason is simple: JFK had too big an ego. He cheated on his wife (Monroe), he turned has back Cuba and the CIA (Bay of Pigs failure to send air support), he was pulling out of Vietnam (military & the CIA), the Federal Reserve (EO 11110 and the issuance of US Notes again), he made an enemy of Hoover (probably for very good reasons), and of course the mob. In otherwords, he felt he was "untouchable." To confirm this, just look what happened after his death. Johnson repealed the withdraw order for Vietnam and the war went on for years. Hoover stayed at the top of the FBI for years when he was supposed to retire. The $2 and $5 US notes were stopped being printed and the $20 and $100 bills were destroyed before they could be put into circulation. JFK's intentions were good, very good, but he just did not realize the evil he was up against. We can't make that same mistake. Never underestimate evil.

Digital Restoration of the Zapruder Film

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